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Your daily diet can improve or worsen your liver disease. Finding the right information online on what to eat and drink can be both confusing and unsafe to follow.

In this free course, you'll learn how to eat better than 97% of other fatty liver disease sufferers and take control of your condition.

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Learn How to Take the Eating Personality Type Quiz 

Discover why knowing your eating personality type could prevent you from falling off the right liver diet and manage fatty liver disease effectively.

How To Take the Quiz

What's in the course?

In this 5-Part course, Nurse Dorothy Spencer, RN with the help of her colleagues, you will be able to:

  • Know what to eat and what NOT to eat
  • Discover your eating personality type
  • Learn how to make use of the eating personality type guide
  • So much more...

What are the requirements?

Each step should take no longer than 5-minutes which you can do at your own pace, convenience, or availability.

  • The 10 Day Email Lesson (Highly Recommended. Delivered Free via email)
  • Pen and Paper (Or Printer for important lessons)
  • Investment of Time (You will need to put some practice for this to work)
  • Investment of Money (You will be making changes with your food choices, advanced resources or trainings)
  • Investment of Effort (Most important.)

Watch the video as co-founder Nurse Pam teaches you how knowing your eating personality type will help you boost your liver health starting today.

About The Course Author

spencerNurse Dorothy Spencer, RN is a veteran nurse specializing in fatty liver patients. After extensive training and experience, she has focused solely on holistic approach to improving liver function and reducing fat in the liver through dieting and lifestyle changes which allowed her to publish her guide course "The Fatty Liver Diet Guide".

The Course Presenter

PAm1Nurse Pamela Johnson started out as a health educator in Tucson, Arizona specializing in teaching lifestyle and diet modifications as a primary treatment modality in renal, orthopedic, and hepatic ailments.

The Dietician

tamaraMs Tamara Genero has been in practice for most of her career. She studied the different types of eating personalities that dictate a person's eating habits, diet, and ultimately, ailments. She has proven, both in clinical studies and in her experience, that taking dietary changes according to one's personality type is the single most effective way to start liver dieting.

Course Outline

Learn how Nurse Dorothy Spencer, RN was able to come up with a Liver Dieting Guide System that has taught more than 10,000 fatty liver patients from around the world since 2009. You will also learn why the “Fatty Liver Diet Guide” Program is not the same as your typical diet book and how you can apply it to your personality eating type. You will also learn why most of the things that you find in your kitchen have attributed to fatty liver condition.

You will learn why you should not blame everything on genes. While the precursors of fatty liver disease are mostly genetic in nature, there are some conditions that are well within your control. Dieting is a perfect example.

In this lesson you’ll learn why keeping yourself well hydrated is important for a healthy balance diet.

Fats does not necessarily make you fat. In this lesson you will learn why Fats are necessary for good health. You will also learn the culprit that’s responsible to more than 90% cases of fatty liver.

In this brief lesson, you will learn why eating MORE FOOD to prevent liver disease progression.You will also be able to plan ahead with the email series that you will be receiving in the next couple of days. In one of these emails, you will also get an exclusive discount to Nurse Dorothy’s Fatty Liver Diet Guide that has been revised according to specific personality types.

Know The Best Dieting Method for Your Type

By knowing your personal eating habits, it will be very easy for you to follow the fatty liver dieting techniques which Nurse Dorothy Spencer, RN will help you with, step-by-step.

Learn Fatty Liver Dieting Fundamentals in 5 Easy Steps

After taking the eating habits assessment quiz, you will learn 5 Fundamental Steps to follow if you have Fatty Liver usually explained by Nurse Spencer during the first consultation visit.

Learn the Liver-Killing Eating Habits Most Sufferers Are Guilty Of

Knowing the type of eater you really are will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about your eating habits. This is the first and most crucial step in reversing fatty liver damage.

Learn Foods To Eat and Avoid

You've read a lot of conflicting advice online. What you eat is very important for your liver health. Know everything you need to know after taking the quiz.