Veteran Nurse Guides You How You Too Can...

"Stop Further Liver Damage and Safely Lose Weight Through a 3-Part Liver Course"

You need to consider a lot of factors when managing your Fatty Liver Disease. Trying to find the right information online can be both confusing and unsafe.

In this short course, you will learn the basic essential changes you need to make, so you know how to best spend your time, effort, and money in dealing with your liver disease.

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What's Inside the Fatty Liver Disease Management Course

In this 3-Part course, with the help of Dorothy Spencer, RN and her colleagues, you will:

Discover why the “Kidney Diet Secrets” Program can help you manage kidney disease and improve kidney functions.

stop feeling confused about your diet by knowing what to eat and avoid

Identify food items in your fridge that have contributed to your present condition. Get rid of these subtle liver damaging foods today and set yourself apart from 80% of the American population.

learn how to lose or maintain weight safely with guidance of health professionals

Find out how you can lose or maintain weight safely and effectively, so you can lessen the fat congestion in your liver. Take a look at how it's done through the sample videos included in the course.

Find out which types of meat are perfect for your kidney dieting. I’m sure you have been asking yourself about beef, pork, chicken or fish as the perfect source.

stop feeling worried about your test results by learning how to manage elevated liver enzymes

Discover how your lab test results can help you manage your Fatty Liver Disease. Find out a simple truth about elevated liver enzymes, their role in your condition, and what you can do to lower them.

Discover kidney-boosting foods you should include in your grocery list.

Is this Fatty Liver Disease Management Course Right for You?

You're confused about what to do and where to start

This course sets a clear pathway for you to follow in managing your condition and improving liver function.

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

You are lacking in comprehensive information about Fatty Liver Disease management

You will discover what to eat and avoid, as well as how to safely lose or maintain weight, so that you can stop the disease from progressing.

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

You have just found out that you have Fatty Liver Disease (especially in the past 2 weeks)

You've probably read a lot of conflicting advice online. You definitely need to know the basics first, and be guided through each phase step-by-step to avoid confusion.

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

You are ready to invest in liver health management (If you're a freebie-seeker, this is not for you)

You can spend your time, effort, and resources on treatments and advice that are vague and ineffective. Or you can stick to a research and experience-based management method.

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

(Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual)

What Other Fatty Liver Patients Say About Nurse Dorothy Spencer

I really had no idea what to do. This was when I found Nurse Spencer's 3-part course and learned the fundamentals I needed. The daily email lessons we're very informative, and thankfully it paid off. My liver function tests went back to normal after just a few weeks following the Fatty Liver Diet Guide. Thanks for the guidance, dorothy!..

Jenna Richardson, 53

St Louis, Missouri

Disclaimer: Results vary on the individual

Dorothy, without your Fatty Liver Diet Guide I would have progressed to liver complications. Thanks a bunch! I did what you recommended in the book and was very satisfied with the results. I hope you don't mind if I pass on your methods to other fatty liver disease patients.

Rosemarie Bernal, 51

Memphis, TN

Disclaimer: Results vary on the individual

Nurse Dorothy Spencer, RN is a veteran nurse specializing in fatty liver patients. After extensive training and experience, she has focused solely on a holistic approach to improving liver function and reducing fat in the liver through dieting and lifestyle changes. This allowed her to publish her guide course, "The Fatty Liver Diet Guide".

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