Are You Looking For Fatty Liver Diet, Foods and Recipes?

"Top 5 Steps To Stop The Progression of Fatty Liver and Avoid Liver Transplant At All Costs"

By: Nurse Dorothy Spencer, RN

This may shock you.

85% of newly diagnosed Fatty Liver Patients admit they have been complacent.

Did you know that if Fatty Liver is not promptly corrected, it will irreversibly result in liver damage too severe, it has become the 4th leading cause of death in adults over 40?


It has been the American Liver Foundation’s advocacy in recent years due to the record-breaking numbers of people with Obesity and Diabetes.

I want you to remember what you ate in the past 48 hours. If you’re reading this on a typical weekday, chances are, you’ve eaten fast food, processed foods with chemicals that are toxic to an ailing liver and so much less of foods that I call “liver boosters” (I’ll tell you more about it in a while).

Cold truth be told: Your environment is full of food choices that are detrimental, even deadly, to your liver.


And the WORST part: You didn’t even know you’re further damaging your liver…


The main problem with fatty liver disease is that it builds up silently without any obvious signs or symptoms. The liver does not have pain receptors to warn you it’s already being damaged.

It’s like driving on a highway without warning sign of an impending cliff right up ahead.

My name is Dorothy Spencer, majority of my nursing career has been dedicated working with liver patients before I became a specialized diet consultant, medical researcher, and health author.

Over the years, my advocacy has been to increase awareness of this misunderstood, often taken for granted disease. If you’ve ever had a doctor’s appointment, you must have experienced being exasperated with the vagueness of his advice.

“OK, you need to lose weight and watch what you eat. If your liver damage continues, just come back and ill give you meds for it. Next patient please...”

I should know – I’ve seen this scenario happen almost every single day.


Medical Vagueness stops here. Right now.


Together with an online publisher and partner, we have taught this system to more than 11,897 liver patients since 2009 and it always begins with these 5 key principles you must apply in order to STOP the rapid degeneration of your liver that’s going on right now, reverse it, and begin “backward healing” through the right diet method.

That said, we have to warn you: What you are about to hear may go against all the conventional diet regimens and treatment modalities that you’ve been hearing. That’s because 99% of the time, the information you’ve been getting has been scooped up either from a single Wikipedia article, or even worse, some “Health Gurus” calling their products as bibles.

I hope you did not fall for any of those.

If you did, don’t despair. I’ll tell you exactly why…

As I said earlier, fatty liver has long been attributed to increasing waistline. American Medical  Association estimates that over half of the adults in the United States are either overweight or obese. Statistics taken from 2007 health survey show millions of Americans have fatty liver disease in a certain degree and don’t have a clue about it.

If you think about it more deeply, you are even luckier than most people because you know you have a fatty liver.

I am not going to give you any “magic pill” to reverse anything because there’s no such thing. It may even go against conventional methods and diets.



Attention: Top 5 Must-Know Liver Boosting Fundamentals Every Fatty Liver Sufferer Should "Get" to Improve Liver Function Test Readings Starting in the next 2 Weeks...


What you need is a splash of cold water, a touch of tough love, and the honest truth. Just the way I like to handle my patients. Sound good? Let’s get into it!




The question that I am sure you’ve asked yourself at some point is, “Why do I have fatty liver?”

Well, I’ll tell you what you should do. Go to your kitchen and open your fridge. Most things you see there have contributed to your present condition.

The food that you put in your plates could either heal you or kill you. Apparently, in this fast paced modern-age, fast foods offering and serving processed foods sprout like mushrooms.

We have been lulled to the comforts of these foods all because they are fast and affordable.

These processed foods contain several additives and artificial substances that have proven to be detrimental to your health.

To name some:

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Trans Fat found in your breakfast cereals are a start. And many other processed foods enhance the shelf life of these foods while maintaining the great taste.

Think about how many canned foods that are within arm's reach right now.


And so it seems that what tastes so good would make you want to consume more. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons why American Journal of Clinical Nutrition attributes food containing HFCS to obesity.

In addition to being toxic, they are addictive.

And unknowingly, you have been in this addiction for years!

The keyword here is access. If those unhealthy foods are within our reach, then there is a higher tendency of consuming it.  As a result, you would be more likely to be accelerating your liver’s damage!

What’s the first thing you should do then? Rehab your fridge.

Put away all those unhealthy foods and don’t give yourself an easy access to those things that could be detrimental to your health. We have been teaching this as almost an exact science on how to do this easily.

Very easy for you to learn as we start.

In the next few pages, I will teach you some helpful tips you can start using today. But before that, I need to know...

Which One Best Describes Your Liver Condition?

Post Liver Transplant

Pre-Liver Transplant(I need help preventing liver damage at all cost)